Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 8.17.36 AMI doubt too many people have a jar of good old fashioned blackstrap molasses lying around in their kitchen these days, but if you knew what grandma did, you’d probably stock up on it, big time. It’s a healing superfood.

Molasses comes from sugar cane, whose roots grow 15 to 20 feet deep into the earth to reach rich soil. In the process of refining the cane, the juice is pressed from the plant, then boiled to extract crystals to make table sugar. The sugar is stripped of all nutrients, but it’s the dark, syrupy byproduct from juice, known as molasses, that contains all the goodness absorbed by the plant. You actually have to boil the juice three times to release the plant’s powerhouse of trace minerals and nutrients, and this highest grade of molasses is known as “blackstrap”.

I’ve worked blackstrap molasses into my daily food regimen because of its high mineral content and it’s so inexpensive! It’s rich in iron, calcium, magnesium, copper, selenium, manganese and the list goes on and on. It’s sweet, yet low on the glycemic load and can help regulate blood sugar and blood pressure. It’s even been known to boost energy, color your gray hair over time, alleviate menstrual cramps, shrink enlarged prostates and heal a host of other ailments.

Here’s the interesting thing, I told a friend to try taking this for his enlarged prostate… a week later he called to tell me that after taking a tablespoon in hot water with some cinnamon every day, he noticed his sudden urges to use the restroom were greatly reduced.

I told another friend who had high blood pressure to start taking blackstrap molasses the same way that I read you should take it. At the time, her doctor had her doubling up her dose every other day to manage her pressure. I told her to buy blackstrap molasses and drink it as a tea with only hot water, a tablespoon or two of the molasses, and some nutmeg or cinnamon for flavor. Months later, she told me that her blood pressure is now so low that her doctor has lowered the dose. She said she knew it was the molasses because that’s the only thing she changed in her diet!

As for myself, I’m a pretty active woman and I don’t have high blood pressure. However, I like being able to use it as a nutritional supplement, instead of relying so heavily on a zillion different vitamins, most of which derive so-called “minerals” from ground up rocks. I’ve noticed that when I take it at night with hot water, coconut oil and a dash of salt, I sleep deeper and better. So now I use it to sweeten my smoothies too.

Also, be sure to buy organic, unsulphured blackstrap molasses. I buy the Plantation brand (and I’m sure there are others). If it’s not organic, I think that’s okay, just ensure it’s says “unsulphured” on the label, since sulfured molasses has been treated with sulfites, so much of its nutritional content is reduced.

If you’re taking blackstrap molasses and you’ve noticed health benefits, comment below and share your story. I’d like to help others by sharing easy, affordable and holistic remedies, so please post your stories or share your remedies.