Joy Davis

Fight the Flu or Cold with Garlic

For most of us, the idea of eating raw garlic likely brings to mind images of horrific unpleasantness. After all, it’s one thing to saute it,  quite another to bite into, chew up, then swallow an uncooked garlic clove. But that’s exactly what I do whenever I feel a cold or flu coming on because it really works. Garlic is nature’s antibiotic…. it can stop a cold or flu dead in its tracks. Using garlic to treat respiratory, digestive and…

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Oil Pulling Remedy for Toothaches

I get “geeked” about discovering natural healing remedies that work, especially when they’re really simple, which is what’s led me to post this blog about oil pulling. I’d never even heard of “oil pulling” before, until I developed a toothache…

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